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I used to go back to my hometown religiously every other weekend. But for the past year, the frequency is reduces to every 3 or 4 weekends once. I just find that my time is better managed when I am staying in KL for the weekend. But that doesn’t mean I do not want to spend more time with my aging parents at home.

At times, I do miss them a lot and wish I could be more filial and to go back more often. How I can do that more frequently and be a better daughter. :)

Missing my parents.. 

“But I eat so little, only 1 single piece. Why do I have to pay so much?” she moaned to me in MSN. “It’s so unfair! They eat so much and yet I have to pay for them”, she added.Well, I do not know what to say except that it is like that when you eat in a big group. If everyone is sharing all the food, ultimately the bill is equally divided no matter what you eat and what’s the portion you consumed.If you really feel unfairly treated, the only way is to voice it out and not to keep the unhappiness in the heart.Or else, just opt not to eat with them next round or insist on ordering food individually~

Spontaneously, I called Marianne and DT out for a drink on Friday night and both of them being the more available friends were eager to meet up too. It was great to meet up with old friends. Even though we do not meet as often as we like, or far too little due to distance, we have no problem of catching up and no moment of awkwardness.We could talk about our life, work, politic, economy and even happiness and anything under the sun! It’s something that I am unable to do with acquaintance.

Last weekend I went to visit a friend who has just moved in to her new house with her boyfriend. They are the second owner of the 10 year old house. As the house is pretty old, there are a lot of renovation for many parts of the house; floor, ceiling, cabinets, wall and others.

It is pretty expensive to renovate an old house to look like the pretty and comfortable! All it takes are money and a little patience to have a beautiful house~ How I wish I can upgrade my current apartment to a beautiful house.


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Finally met up with my ex-colleagues from my ex-team after I left the company around 3 months ago! It was pleasant to see them again and they are quite the same. Only me has cut my hair and they said I look even younger now! Woohoo~

We had lunch at Little Taiwan, a new shop that opened in Avenue K. The food was quite nice but service was not excellent. Nevertheless, the place was full of customers.

We gossiped about the other colleagues, managers and the company structures and even the latest celebrity’s news. It’s fun to meet up with them again! Will do it again sometimes! :)


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In my 3 years working experience, I only had been to one and only one team building in my previous company.

Nevertheless, it is an amazing experience that I can never forget as I really learn a lot during the team building. The most important thing for the people is to discover the team spirit and working together as a team player to achieve a shared goal.

I wish my current company will organise a team building for us to build better relationship among the colleagues. Right now, they are giving shopping vouchers as a reward to us. But we could use more activities to help us chill out.

“The windscreen is cracked again when I was in the highway”, my brother sms me as he was using my car for a year. The other time he broke the window glass when a small stone was hurled to the window when he passed by a man cutting the grass. I told him to get the windshield replacement as soon as possible before the windshield broke into thousand pieces.

I guess apart from my cheap health insurance, I should also get a windscreen insurance at the rate he is breaking the windscreen!

Well, I hope my brother would be more careful next time! Windscreen replacement doesn’t come cheap! 


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I went to the salon again for my 4th facial. I also brought along my previous receipt as he forgot to record down my payment the other time and thus the amount wasn’t tally in my record and his record.

I wish he would have a software or system to keep all his customer data and payment efficiently.Every time I was there, he would spend around 5 to minutes to dig out my manual record book and it is a waste of time. With that a good software, he could efficiently reduce admin time and expenses, increase his service quality and productivity and eventually increasing his revenues.

It will surely benefit us the customer with the increase of efficiency and quality service! 


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Oh I love to take annual leave on weekday! It means one extra day of rest before continuing to slave off at work. And today is that special holiday. I just felt like taking a day off and my housemates has extra day to burn as well.

So I plan to ‘do’ my hair today and coincidently Yvonne wants a makeover of her hair too, before she starting her new job by early next week! Good luck to her! And Sam has some shopping to do before his vacation! ;)

Malls and streets and shops are just not packed like weekend! Wonderful~

Yesterday after work, AV and I went to Midvalley as she has some Isetan voucher to spend. It was raining but as our office was near, we reached in a short while.This was the first time I went to The Garden, a high class shopping mall and there was much more employees than the customers!

Everything was expensive and high class that we went out after a short while!We then went to MV again and checked out shoes! I reminded myself to stop buying more shoes as I have so many of them now! Finally had dinner at Teppayanki and I had the salmon set~ Yummy~ but so full! *burp* If I continue eating like this, I would definitely gain weight.

A really enjoyable day with my dear friend!